Swizzle Chill TV: RAMMYS 2018 Episode

Swizzle Chill TV is honored to be part of the RAMMYS coverage this year thanks to the Restaurant Association of Metrpolitan Washington (RAMW) and Events DC. Swizzle Chill TV Anchor Bryce Shemer is at the RAMMYS, interviewing top, local restaurateurs with RAMMY Awards still in hand. The Washington, D.C. area is producing culinary stars, and acclaimed restaurants and restaurateurs, nearly by the week. Our team was there to capture the excitement. Swizzle Chill TV is D.C.’s own fully-video-integrated lifestyle magazine. Subscribe on YouTube at show.swizzlechill.com and check out our magazine at magazine.swizzlechill.com.

Thanks to Chiko, Clarity and The Daily Dish for these wonderful backstage interviews and memories that the Swizzle Chill team and our followers will cherish. Chiko won the New Restaurant of the Year Award and Clarity won the Upscale Casual Restaurant of the Year Award. The Daily Dish is a fan favorite, and not surpisingly, won the Favorite Gathering Place of the Year Award.

The restaurant industry in the Greater D.C. market has shown exceptional wisdom, courage, perseverance and raw talent in making D.C. a food destination. This is years in the making and the best and brightest in foodservice leadership, business acumen and creativity were gathered the evening of June 10 to celebrate this achievement and usher in new kings and queens in the D.C. culinary landscape.

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The RAMMYS spotlighted exceptional finalists and the winners were plucked from an impressive list of the local industry’s elite.

Video credit: Studio Team

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