Swizzle Chill TV: Spark at 12 with Chef Peter Prime

Spark at 12 is serving great Carribean food in the heart of the Bloomingdale neighborhood in D.C. The restaurant and bar are located in a firehouse that was built in 1897 and operated until the mid-1980’s. Spark has become quite a neighborhood hangout and a brunch destination. It’s also the first Trinidadian restaurant in the District.

Swizzle Chill TV Anchors Bryce Shemer and Chrissy Perez were on hand to help discover the best of what the restaurant has to offer. With Lisa M. Comento, our guest anchor, we were able to spotlight some exciting faves at this dinner destination and brunch fave. Catch the show at sparkat12.swizzlechill.com.

Catch more of our food, drink & lifestyle web broadcasts show.swizzlechill.com or check out our blog at swizzlechill.net. We’ve announced our Season 2, as well as a commitment to restaurateur business training in Eatery Pulse Media’s new program, EPN College. Read more here.

Photo credit: Eatery Pulse Media


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