Gravitas pop-up gives D.C. preview of upcoming Cranes

Chef Pepe Moncayo gives preview of Cranes as restaurant opening approaches

The cuisine of Chef Pepe Moncayo is coming to Washington, D.C.’s Penn Quarter this fall. And a new event at Gravitas is giving us a preview of the upcoming Cranes restaurant September 8. Moncayo is affiliated with the Bam! Restaurant Group and worked in Singapore, where he opened a restaurant in 2013. Spanish and Japenese cuisine will cross to form an interesting menu at their crossroads.

The special, ticketed dinner, starting at $90, excluding tax and tip. Diners will have a choice of three separate seatings at 6 p.m., 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. In addition, Gravitas’ pop-up will offer special sake bottles and a full sake pairing for purchase.

Here is the pop-up menu for the preview of Cranes:

  • Cherry Gazpacho & Mascarpone Yuzu-Kosho
  • Tomatoes Aemono, Shiso Tempura
  • Green Beans, Ebi, Sea Urchin, Ponzu
  • Cold Capellini, King Salmon Aburi, Ikura, preserved Lemon
  • Golden Tilefish Gazpachuelo, Wakame, Potato Trinxat & Mojama
  • Mushrooms Rice, Shio-kombu broth, Burrata
  • Beef Cheek, Shishito Peppers, Red Wine & Sesame sauce
  • Coffee, Baileys, Miso

Moncayo’s Cranes is expected to debut in short order. His culinary experiences were heightened while in Singapore, and Asian inspiration and technique will be quite visible in the new venture. Moncayo spent 10 years there. Under Catalan Chef Santi Santamaria, he spent time at Santi in Singapore.

Also, at Can Fabes and EVO, he expanded his tutelage. As executive chef at Dos Cielos, which boasts two Michelin stars, he diversified his technique with Javier and Sergio Torres.

To purchase tickets for the dinner, navigate here:

Cranes, 1401 Okie Street Northeast, Washington, D.C. 20002

Photo credit: Gravitas

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