Kingbird at Watergate Hotel features The Green Mary cocktail

A healthy brunch beverage arrives for the new year

It’s hard to not think of healthfulness when thinking about the avocado, which has good fats and is nutrition-rich. Ethiopian-born-and-raised Kal Lemma, lead bartender of Kingbird at Watergate Hotel, is bringing the avocado to the bar in The Green Mary cocktail. The drink features avocado purée, tomato juice, which is clarified to give only the essence of the tomato, lemon juice, vodka, and a blend of Ethiopian spices.

The spice mix of Berbere makes The Green Mary complete. It’s a complex blend that is essential in Ethiopian cuisine and a blend that has been trending.

The Green Mary by Kal Lemma is on the menu at Kingbird, Washington, D.C.Kingbird restaurant and bar is located in the Watergate Hotel and is open for weekend brunch.
The Green Mary by Kal Lemma, Kingbird, Washington, D.C.

Lemma’s Green Mary is featured at Kingbird and looks to be the perfect cocktail for those looking for something different & veggie-full. Enjoy the garnish, as well, which is a skewer of house made pickled veggies with a piquant bite. No one should should be surprised if this drink becomes uber-popular, as it has broad appeal, including vegans and vegetarians, and those who are just seeking plant-based goodness.

Kingbird at Watergate Hotel, 2650 Virginia Avenue Northwest, Washington D.C. 20037

Photo credit: Wimber Cancho (featured), Kingbird (inline)

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