Swizzle Chill TV at ProChile-RAMW foodservice event

ProChile promotes the country’s regionally-signficant food, drink products

Swizzle Chill TV Anchor Lisa Comento attended a fall ProChile event, hosted by ProChile, a trade group, and RAMW (Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington), D.C.’s premier advocacy group for restaurants. It was a celebration of a variety of foods from the South American country, with a focus on traditional foods, including olive oil and wine, as well as seafood. Restaurants at the event prepared succulent dishes that showcased Chilean food products and drinks.

Lisa had the chance to catch up with the Trade Commissioner of the Embassy of Chile, Matias Pinto, and Faiz Ally, Poca Madre executive director, as well as Scott Drewno, co-founder and executive chef of Chiko. There was an opportunity for her to take in great food & drink there. Chile is spread across such a diverse geography, which means it also has a wide variety of foods and beverages that originate there and are exported.

See video below or at this link:

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Photo credit: Lisa Comento

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