Pizzeria Paradiso special pies celebrate Census 2020, cultural diversity

Rotating pies pay tribute to the diversity of employees, their home cuisines

To celebrate the upcoming 2020 Census, Pizzeria Paradiso is putting the spotlight on cultural diversity starting February 6. The fabric of today’s restaurant industry is stitched with threads of many backgrounds. The Pizzeria Paradiso chain will pay tribute to the rich diversity of its employees. The company will feature select employees and their home cuisines with one or two special pizzas each month.

The first pie honors Alex Rivera, Pizzeria Paraidso Spring Valley’s assistant general manager. The debut of Gandules en Escabeche Pizza is a nod to his Puerto Rican background and will help make progress toward the territory’s disaster relief. The pizza is topped with pork shoulder, marinated pigeon peas, and queso fresco. Pizzeria Paradiso will donate the proceeds to UNIDOS Disaster Relief and Recovery Program for Puerto Rico of the Hispanic Federation.

For the next special, Santiago Amieva, the Dupont Circle’s pizza shop assistant general manager, will be in the spotlight. His favorite pizza, a Fugazzeta style pizza, is the featured item from February 20 to February 27. Guests can enjoy the special pizza, topped with thinly-sliced onions and ham, and celebrating Argentinian cuisine.


Another special will pay tribute to the popular Carlos Gonzalez, executive kitchen manager overseeing all five locations. He was originally hired as a dishwasher. For someone that has built a strong sense of community, the Pupusa Pizza is just the ticket. Gonzalez is behind the special pie, which is topped with kidney bean pesto, fresh tomato, mozzarella, Salvadorian pork sausage, plus cilantro and Salvadorian style slaw. Gonzalez’s roots are fully on display in this special pie as he celebrates his 20th anniversary with Pizzeria Paradiso.

All locations will offer these specials in honor of Census 2020. Each 9’’ pizzas is priced at $15 and 12’’ pizzas go for $21.

Photo credit: Juliana Molina for Pizzeria Paradiso

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