Part of the Swizzle Chill Channel, EPN College offers cost-efficient preparatory classes for restaurateur training. For those individuals who want a numbers-based, financially-driven, seminar-style training prior to opening their restaurant, EPN College is the ideal choice.

EPN College developed program modules outlining the content of its rotating-school courses. More details and syllabi related to these non-accredited classes will be announced in June.


Restaurant Financial Principles (Module I) – 3 classes to complete this track


Restaurant Business Plans and Leasing (Module II) – 3 classes to complete this track


Food Costing (Module III) – 4 classes to complete this track


Restaurant Marketing 3.0 + Technology (Module IV) – 2 classes to complete this track

Classes are pegged to the D.C. non-tipped minimum wage, so registration fees will not exceed $25 during 2019-2020.

For additional information or to volunteer, contact EPN College at

Pre-registration for these non-accredited seminar-style courses is available at During 2019, classes will be open to affiliated members of the restaurant industry, including chefs, cooks, restaurant workers, managers and employees working in the DMV. Registration is also open to employees of organizations that support the D.C. restaurant industry.

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