The Swizzle Chill Channel is highlighting some of the best of drinking, dining, living and “chilling” in the nation’s capital, periodically bringing exciting facets of Washington, D.C. life and its surrounding suburbs to readers and viewers. As part of the Eatery Pulse Network, The Swizzle Chill Channel brings video-based updates, interviews and exploration of the nation’s capital online, in digital format and on social media.

The Swizzle Chill Channel, which keeps D.C. foodies and restaurant industry stakeholders informed, comprises Swizzle Chill TV, the Swizzle Chill Blog, District Restaurants and Living, Eatery Pulse News DC and EPN College.

Swizzle Chill TV is Washington D.C’s food, drink & lifestyle web broadcast, set to plan and film its chef-driven Season 2 in 2019. By using ultra-premium, ultra high-definition production from arel7 studio team and an inside-restaurant industry perspective, Swizzle Chill TV covers topics that are important to foodies and food & drink professionals across Metro-D.C. Swizzle Chill TV can be accessed at


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