Swizzle Chill is D.C.’s vibrant, web-broadcast show and unique, lifestyle blog, spotlighting the best of our area’s food, drink, restaurants, and D.C. living. Swizzle Chill TV is our YouTube show and ongoing channel of discovery of the most exciting facets of D.C.-area living.

The District Wharf recently completed its first phase of development, adding 24 acres of newly-redeveloped land and creating a waterside jewel of a dining and entertainment destination. And its proximity to the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood and major road thoroughfares and commuter Metro system bode well for continued popularity in 2018.

This is just one of the many invigorating places to live that spotlight the comforts of D.C. that are already here and arising. From Ivy City to the Shaw, to the suburban Mosaic Merrifield, Pike and Rose and Downtown Crown communities, we are discovering what makes D.C. such a hot metropolis.

Swizzle Chill complements the D.C. area’s media coverage of thriving local bar and restaurant scenes, real estate and lifestyle options with an inside perspective from the food industry. It is a fun, high-energy and joyous source of local discovery of D.C.’s best experiences and destinations, which are some of the most unique and exciting in the world.

Subscribe to and catch our web-broadcast show as we make our way around the Metro-D.C. area to find the best what’s hot, cool, thirst-quenching and tasty. See our live updates as we stream production content from prime locations around town. Sign up for to all our content at subscribe.swizzlechill.com.


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